WI NORML is planning for a lobby day September 15 @ Wisconsin State Capitol.  Please schedule an appointment with your legislator for a 5-15 minute appointment.

Find your legislator here – search by address in the top right hand corner of the page.  Call and schedule an appointment to speak to them on September 15.

As you may know, on June 13th Wisconsin NORML started a petition in Milwaukee to allow up to 4 ounces of marijuana in private residences and reduce the fine for public possession from $50 to $5.

We have had a lot of support so far, with 8 businesses collecting signatures and a majority of the people we see being very supportive of our initiative. For a list of businesses collecting signatures, and more info on the petition in general, visit the Petition to (Partially) Legalize Marijuana in Milwaukee page.


We can always use more help though, especially with Summerfest coming up. We can easily collect tens of thousands of signatures during Summerfest, but only if we have the people power to do so. Ideally we would like to have a dozen or more people outside the Summerfest entrances every day.

If you are interested in helping collect signatures, at Summerfest or anywhere, there are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • Join our Facebook Group where we will be organizing groups.
  • Email the petition coordinator, Eric Marsch, at to discuss ways to get involved.
  • Visit Closet Classics or Pipe Dreams to pickup informational packets and signature forms so you can collect signatures on your own
  • Look for the Wisconsin NORML flag to know that Wisconsin NORML is there collecting signatures. We generally have extra clipboards, pens, and petition forms so you can help collect with us on the spot – no preparation needed on your end.
  • Attend one of SE Wisconsin NORML’s weekly meetings at Closet Classics at 4:20pm every Sunday during the Summer.

Together with your support, we will collect the signatures we need to get our ordinance on the ballot. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to working with you.


On June 13th we will begin an official petition to legalize possession of up to 4 ounces of marijuana in private residences in the City of Milwaukee!


In addition to legalizing private possession, we will decriminalize public possession of up to 4 ounces with a $5 fine, and allow all medical marijuana patients with a “valid prescription or order of a practitioner” to possess their medicine in public. To qualify for the ballot we need to collect at least 30,801 *valid* signatures in 60 days.

The success of this petition is very important to our overall strategy, and the impact of this initiative will go far beyond just the City of Milwaukee. We’ll be sending a strong message that the people of Milwaukee – and Wisconsin – want marijuana legalized and that we are an organized group that can not be ignored.


  1. Get petition forms
    • Print out and staple together both the Milwaukee legalization ordinance text, and the petition form.
      **The ordinance text must be stapled to the petition form to satisfy the legal requirements**
    • Or come to one of our weekly meetings at Closet Classics (1000 E North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212), Sundays at 4:20pm to pick up a packet of signature forms.
  2. Carefully read the instructions and rules on this page regarding when signatures can be collected (between June 13th and August 11th), when to turn them in by (August 11th, so we can get them in on time), who is allowed to collect signatures, and what constitutes a valid signature
  3. Collect signatures
    • We have a list of ideas for places to collect signatures further down the page
    • Stay tuned to the Wisconsin NORML Facebook page and updates to this page for organized group collections at events around the city.
  4. Return signatures. This is almost the most important part. If the forms are not returned to us by August 11th, none of the signatures you collected will be counted. Returning forms often will help us keep an accurate count and will ensure all signatures are counted. We are dealing with the government: This deadline has no leniency.
    • You can mail in completed forms to:
      Eric Marsch
      1222 N Breezeland Rd
      Oconomowoc WI 53066
    • You can return the forms at one of our weekly meetings at Closet Classics (1000 E North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212), Sundays at 4:20pm
    • We will be looking for supportive businesses that will agree to be drop off points for petition forms. This page will have updates. (Do you have a Milwaukee business? Shoot us an email!)


For a signature to be valid the signer (Make sure the signer meets these criteria *before* signing, please). Essentially the person must be a Milwaukee resident who is eligible (but not necessarily registered) to vote:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Must live in the City of Milwaukee (no suburbs)

  • Must not be currently serving a felony sentence (jail/prison/probation/parole); felons who are no longer on probation/parole can sign
  • Must sign within 60 days prior to the submission of the petition (signatures between June 13th and August 11th will be valid)

  • Must not have already signed (Duplicate signatures are thrown out, but the original still counts. So all signing multiple times hurts is our estimate of how many signatures we have)


To collect signatures (“circulate the petition” in legal terms) the circulator:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Must be a US citizen

  • Must not be currently serving a felony sentence (jail/prison/probation/parole); felons who are no longer on probation/parole can collect signatures.


Signatures can be collected on any public property (sidewalks, parks) and any private property with the consent of the property owner. Collecting signatures on sidewalks outside of music and sporting venues and at public events at public parks is allowed and encouraged, but don’t try to collect the signatures inside the venues or in their parking lots as you may be asked to leave or get in trouble.


You are also legally allowed to go door-to-door to collect signatures. If you do, please let us know where you went so we don’t duplicate effort.

Signature collection ideas:

  • Ask friends and family to sign

  • Bring petitions to parties

  • Collect signatures at your job

  • If you own/manage a store, collect signatures there (And let us know so we can direct people to you)

  • If you organize events, collect signatures there (And let us know so we can direct people to you)

  • Go door-to-door

  • Outside concert venues after concerts (The Rave, Turner Hall, The Pabst, The Riverside, Shank Hall, The Miramar. Other ideas? Let us know!). Remember to stay on sidewalks and off the venue’s property unless you get explicit permission.

  • High traffic public areas (Brady St, North Ave, Farwell Ave, Oakland Ave, Kinnickinnic Ave, Downtown. Other ideas? Let us know!)

  • UWM Campus


Print out and staple together both the Milwaukee legalization ordinance text, and the petition form. **YOU MUST STAPLE THE ORDINANCE TEXT TO THE PETITION FORM** in order to satisfy the legal requirements of the petition.



Make sure the forms are back to us by August 12th (If you’re mailing them, please mail them a week ahead of that date). It would be best if filled out signature forms were returned as often as possible so we can keep an accurate count of where we are and to ensure no forms miss the deadline. We are dealing with the government: This deadline has no leniency.




We will be having meetings every Sunday at 4:20pm at Closet Classics in Milwaukee (1000 E North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212)


Email us at or contact us on Facebook at or **FORMS CANNOT BE RETURNED ONLINE**


You can mail completed petitions (make sure you certify each form at the bottom) to:

Eric Marsch
1222 N Breezeland Rd
Oconomowoc WI, 53066


Direct legislation in Wisconsin is covered by state statute 9.20. This statute allows the residents of an incorporated municipality (ie, city or village) to petition for the passing of a particular ordinance in their municipality. If the petition collects enough valid signatures within 60 days, the city council decides to either pass the ordinance directly, or it will go to a vote by the residents of the city. If the ordinance gets more than 50% of the vote, the ordinance becomes law, and cannot be repealed for at least 2 years.


The number of valid signatures required is 15% of the number of residents who voted in the last governor’s election, which in The City of Milwaukee, works out to 30,801, or about 5% of Milwaukee’s total population. There are a few rules regarding what a valid signature is, which we outline on the next pages.


We would love to organize a petition to legalize marijuana throughout Wisconsin, similarly to Colorado. Unfortunately, Wisconsin law and statute 9.20 only allow direct legislation at the municipal level. We hope the high-profile of our petition in Milwaukee can be used to spark debate about the need to make Wisconsin a ballot initiative state, but until then, we need to work city-by-city to enact direct legislation, and we will need to encourage our legislators to both legalize the sale and use of marijuana as well as allow direct legislation by The People.


Milwaukee Cannabis Freedom Festival and Cannabis Freedom Parade!


The Milwaukee Cannabis Freedom Festival is being postponed until September 5th. Stay tuned for further details.









We will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Wisconsin Hunger Task force. Last year we collected 800 lbs worth of food, and we’re looking to surpass that this year.


Let’s show the world that Wisconsin’s cannabis enthusiasts are generous and caring individuals by donating a literal ton of food for the hungry!






All attendees are invited to take part in the Cannabis Freedom Parade, which will march down the sidewalk surrounding Gordon Park. This is a 2.5 mile walk and will take a little over an hour.


Bring signs, flags, and anything else (legal and within reason) to draw attention to the parade and promote the message of cannabis freedom in all of its forms (medical, spiritual, recreational, hemp).






The parade route will be:
East across Locust St from Gordon Park
South down Oakland Ave.
West across North Ave
North up Humboldt Blvd back up to the festival at Gordon park.




We invite everyone with an entertainment skill, such as juggling, poi, hooping, magic, live art, etc. to come out and make this an event to remember!




Sponsored by Closet Classics
1000 East North Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Open 11-9pm daily
Best glass selection in Milwaukee where you water test before you buy it and the crew knows whats up!

Sponsored by attorney Tom Grieve at Grieve Law:
(262) 786-7100
“You’re only guilty if you’re convicted”


If you would like to vend or sponsor, please contact Wisconsin NORML or


Vendors get space for a 10′x10′ booth. Contact us for pricing.


Sponsors get a link to their business on our event pages and your logo on our flyers (30,000+ to be printed; order goes out March 31) and/or 1/2 page Milwaukee Shepard ad (60,000 circulated weekly; Ad buy will be April 17th).


We offer three sponsorship levels: big, medium, and small – referring to their relative sizing in our ads.


You can buy sponsorship for the flyers, the shepherd ad, or both.


Small (about 0.875″ wide): $100 for either flyer or ad; $150 for both
Medium (about 1.375″ wide): $200 for either flyer or ad; $325 for both
Big (about 2″ wide): $400 for either flyer or ad; $700 for both


Sponsorship spots are limited.


Vending fees vary and only cover the booth, not a sponsorship. Likewise, sponsorship only covers a spot on our promotional material, not a booth.


Thank you for supporting the Milwaukee Cannabis Freedom Festival!


Not only will this festival be a celebration of national victories and a means to show Wisconsin’s support for marijuana legalization in front of the media, it is also intended to be a launch pad for this summer’s petition to legalize marijuana possession in the City of Milwaukee (and other municipalities).


We will need to collect over 31,000 signatures this summer for our legalization ordinance to make the ballot under Wisconsin Statute 9.20. We are confident in our ability to collect this many valid signatures, but we need to hit the ground running. The festival will be the perfect opportunity to inform thousands about the petition to ensure we have a huge force of signature-collectors to make our historic petition a success.


(Why not legalize state-wide? The Wisconsin Constitution and law only allow direct legislation at the municipal level. This means we must work city-by-city for we, The People, to end prohibition ourselves. This is what we must – and will – do until we finally achieve a state-wide end to cannabis prohibition in a similar form to Colorado.)





We are working hard to come up with funding for this great event, and it will be partially funded through vendor fees and sponsors. But despite this, and due to the large scale of the event and our promotional plans, we will still likely be a couple thousand dollars short.


We need your help to make this event possible!


Funds will go towards:
-Advertising (To make sure this is a huge event!)
-Printing informational material (So festival goers can be informed about the cannabis reform movement)


You can donate at:


Thank you for your support!


On Facebook:

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