Milwaukee Cannabis Freedom Festival and Cannabis Freedom Parade!


The Milwaukee Cannabis Freedom Festival is being postponed until mid-summer. Stay tuned for further details.




11:00-12:00 Blind Tarzan
12:15-01:15 Red Sky Warning
01:30-02:45 Undercover Organism

03:00-04:00 MARCH in protest of prohibition with us in the **Cannabis Freedom Parade**

04:00-05:15 Natty Nation
05:30-06:45 Conundrum
07:00-08:30 Cosmic Railroad






We will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Wisconsin Hunger Task force. Last year we collected 800 lbs worth of food, and we’re looking to surpass that this year.


Let’s show the world that Wisconsin’s cannabis enthusiasts are generous and caring individuals by donating a literal ton of food for the hungry!






All attendees are invited to take part in the Cannabis Freedom Parade, which will march down the sidewalk surrounding Gordon Park. This is a 2.5 mile walk and will take a little over an hour.


Bring signs, flags, and anything else (legal and within reason) to draw attention to the parade and promote the message of cannabis freedom in all of its forms (medical, spiritual, recreational, hemp).






The parade route will be:
East across Locust St from Gordon Park
South down Oakland Ave.
West across North Ave
North up Humboldt Blvd back up to the festival at Gordon park.




We invite everyone with an entertainment skill, such as juggling, poi, hooping, magic, live art, etc. to come out and make this an event to remember!




Sponsored by Closet Classics
1000 East North Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Open 11-9pm daily
Best glass selection in Milwaukee where you water test before you buy it and the crew knows whats up!

Sponsored by attorney Tom Grieve at Grieve Law:
(262) 786-7100
“You’re only guilty if you’re convicted”


If you would like to vend or sponsor, please contact Wisconsin NORML or


Vendors get space for a 10′x10′ booth. Contact us for pricing.


Sponsors get a link to their business on our event pages and your logo on our flyers (30,000+ to be printed; order goes out March 31) and/or 1/2 page Milwaukee Shepard ad (60,000 circulated weekly; Ad buy will be April 17th).


We offer three sponsorship levels: big, medium, and small – referring to their relative sizing in our ads.


You can buy sponsorship for the flyers, the shepherd ad, or both.


Small (about 0.875″ wide): $100 for either flyer or ad; $150 for both
Medium (about 1.375″ wide): $200 for either flyer or ad; $325 for both
Big (about 2″ wide): $400 for either flyer or ad; $700 for both


Sponsorship spots are limited.


Vending fees vary and only cover the booth, not a sponsorship. Likewise, sponsorship only covers a spot on our promotional material, not a booth.


Thank you for supporting the Milwaukee Cannabis Freedom Festival!


Not only will this festival be a celebration of national victories and a means to show Wisconsin’s support for marijuana legalization in front of the media, it is also intended to be a launch pad for this summer’s petition to legalize marijuana possession in the City of Milwaukee (and other municipalities).


We will need to collect over 31,000 signatures this summer for our legalization ordinance to make the ballot under Wisconsin Statute 9.20. We are confident in our ability to collect this many valid signatures, but we need to hit the ground running. The festival will be the perfect opportunity to inform thousands about the petition to ensure we have a huge force of signature-collectors to make our historic petition a success.


(Why not legalize state-wide? The Wisconsin Constitution and law only allow direct legislation at the municipal level. This means we must work city-by-city for we, The People, to end prohibition ourselves. This is what we must – and will – do until we finally achieve a state-wide end to cannabis prohibition in a similar form to Colorado.)





We are working hard to come up with funding for this great event, and it will be partially funded through vendor fees and sponsors. But despite this, and due to the large scale of the event and our promotional plans, we will still likely be a couple thousand dollars short.


We need your help to make this event possible!


Funds will go towards:
-Advertising (To make sure this is a huge event!)
-Printing informational material (So festival goers can be informed about the cannabis reform movement)


You can donate at:


Thank you for your support!


On Facebook:

Words are powerful. The right word can communicate a complex idea concisely and clearly. Labels are powerful. They help us to categorize and understand the world, allowing us to sum up the beliefs and characteristics of a person in a single word. Together, they influence the perspective from which we view the world. This is why I want to promote the word “Sadomoralist”.

What is a sadomoralist? A sadomoralist is someone who would rather punish people for “immorality” (as they see it) than find constructive solutions to society’s problems. They’re the people who would rather see our prisons filled to capacity than tolerate someone enjoying a substance other than alcohol. They’re the people who would rather criminal organizations earn billions off drug profits than see a product they view as a vice being regulated and sold in stores. They’re people who are so blinded by their sadistic desire to punish those with whom they disagree, that they can’t see the collateral damage that lies in their wake.

What is the power of the word “sadomoralist”? In a single word, you can communicate the essence of what took the entire paragraph above to describe. When talking about a politician who refuses to acknowledge the failures of prohibition on the grounds that drug users need to be “taught a lesson” you can simply use the word “sadomoralist”. As the word becomes more common, that’s all you’ll have to say, and people will know exactly what you mean. As the label becomes more common, politicians will want to distance themselves from it.

The great thing that I see about the term “sadomoralist” is that the “drugs are bad” argument is irrelevant to it. It frames the debate from the wider perspective of society and the effect that prohibition has on it. It forces prohibitionists to consider and explain why they think punishing people for drug use is worth handing over a multi-billion dollar market to violent cartels and gangs, tearing apart families, and destroying trust and respect between authorities and the people they ostensibly serve. When the focus is kept on the big picture, it’s very difficult for politicians and others to deflect the issue with rants about the “dangers of drugs”.

We get emails and messages all the time from people asking what they can do to help fight prohibition. Here’s one simple way you can help: Use the term “sadomoralist” whenever you see that it applies. Spread the word and it’s definition. One of the key themes of the book 1984 is that language dictates the way we think. As “sadomoralist” enters common usage, people will naturally think more in terms of “what’s the overall effect to society”, and that’s not only a winning mindset for those of us supporting marijuana legalization, it’s a mindset than can help us unite society in every aspect.


The first-ever billboard advocating for medical marijuana legislation in Wisconsin is now up! You can see it from I-94 as you drive eastbound into Milwaukee between Moorland rd and the Zoo Interchange.


This is a huge moment for the legalization movement in Wisconsin! This is just the first step in our campaign to make medical marijuana a major election issue and get the Jacki Rickert Medical Cannabis Act (JRMCA) passed in the next legislative session. We will be following up with demonstrations in Brookfield at Bluemound and Moorland every Friday at 4PM starting October 10th, a medical marijuana seminar in Vukmir’s district, and hopefully more billboards.


We would like our next billboard to target Governor Walker! To contribute the this next billboard, click the donate button at the top or bottom of this post. We need to raise several thousand dollars in just a couple weeks to make this possible, but if we can achieve a Walker billboard, the media coverage and the message we would send will be huge! If we are unable to achieve this ambitious goal, all funds raised will go towards our next billboard targeting other state legislators early next year to pressure them to support the JRMCA.


Thank you to everyone who’s hard work and financial contributions helped make this historic moment possible!


For more information on the billboard, go to the League of Marijuana Voters’ website at and view our press release.



Wisconsin’s very first pro-medical marijuana billboard is going up on Monday September 29th! It will be clearly displayed to Eastbound traffic on I-94 by 121st St. in West Allis, between Moorland Rd and the Zoo Interchange until after the election on November 9th.


This is one of the most viewed billboards in the state, receiving over 560,000 views each week. By the end of the ad’s 6 week run it will have been seen over 3.3 million times! This is by far the most visible display of support for marijuana law reform of any kind that Wisconsin has ever seen!


The billboard will call attention to the obstruction of medical marijuana by State Senators Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa) and Lazich (R-New Berlin). Vukmir is up for reelection on November 4th and we hope to give her a fight.


This billboard was made possible by Wisconsin NORML, The Ben Masel Project, Wisconsin ASA, IMMLY, and the 100+ supporters who donated a total of $7500! This is the most any local marijuana reform group in the country has raised for a billboard!


This is just the start of big things to come in Wisconsin! We’ll be revealing the billboard image and starting our next fundraising campaign when the billboard goes up on Monday. Stay tuned!

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