Welcome to Wisconsin NORML

Welcome to the former website for The Wisconsin Chapter for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).
The steering committee would like to first thank all previous activism throughout the state over the decades.
The organizations representing NORML deserve your local support.  We encourage you to support Madison NORML, Southeastern Wisconsin NORML and Northern Wisconsin NORML.
An initial steering committee for The Wisconsin Chapter for NORML does include board members from each existing chapter, as well as individuals who are willing to work towards establishing and maintaining the chapter as a registered non profit.
We have a great deal of ground to cover physically speaking.  We have a great deal expenses to cover financially.   We have a great deal of work to do.  The great news is we have great resources right here in our state, the most important one is you.
Applications will be emailed to individuals interested in a board member position,  steering committee and/or volunteers.
Please use the general contact form on the Apply Page of our new website at and the chapter will email you additional information and application.
Once we have enough interest and qualified candidates for positions, public meetings will be planned and elections will be held.
Our new website home can be found at, please visit us there!  Wisconsin NORML

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