NORML Freedom Card
Keep this card with you in case of involvement with law enforcement personnel.
Instructions to make your own card:
  • Download the PDF document. You can print 4 cards on one page. (Requires Adobe Reader).
  • Print page one
  • Re-insert the paper to print on the back and print page two
  • Trim and fold between the opposing text
  • Card stock suggested


Text of the card:


The U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from interfering with your right to remain silent, to consult with an attorney, and to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures by law enforcement. However, it is up to you to assert these rights. This NORML Foundation Freedom Card will help you do so effectively.

If you are confronted by a police officer, remain calm. Be courteous and provide your identification. Politely refuse to answer any further questions. Ask to talk to an attorney. Do not consent to any search of your person, your property, your residence or your vehicle. Tell the officer you would like to give him or her this card, which is a statement of the constitutional rights you wish to invoke. Do not reach for this card until you have obtained the officer’s permission to do so.

If the officer fails to honor your rights, remain calm and polite, ask for the officer’s identifying information and ask him or her to note your objection in the report. Do not attempt to physically resist an unlawful arrest, search or seizure. If necessary, you may point out the violations to a judge at a later time.

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NORML/NORML Foundation’s General Informational Flyer

NORML/NORML Foundation publishes a general flyer, which contains information regarding the great need to reform America’s misguided marijuana policy, as well as information about NORML.

When an interested person approaches NORML/NORML Foundation and inquires, “What’s this all about?” they’re handed a NORML/NORML Foundation Flyer. (requires Adobe Reader)