*Hemp seed provides nearly complete nutrition with all 10 essential amino acids, all 4 essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the ratio recommended by health experts, and over 30% protein in its most easily digestible forms, making hemp the ideal protein, and ideal food for human consumption.


*Hemp meal provides all the essential protein that livestock require, yet doesn’t require any antibiotics to digest. When cows eat corn they cannot digest it, needing antibiotics to keep from being sick, which makes the antibiotics less effective on the humans that consume the beef. Hemp is also an excellent animal bedding for horses.


*The porridge used in the folk tales was often made from boiled hemp seeds which could be cooked alone or with other grains. Another name for this porridge was gruel.


*Hemp seed dissolves plaque in coronary arteries.


*Hemp seeds were one of ancient China’s major grain crops.


*Hemp seeds have grown in Northern Europe since medieval times.


*Pelletted hempseed meal is an ideal food for catfish.


*Hemp seeds can be made into protein powder, oil, flour, hemp milk.