WHAT: Baked Sale “Pie By The Slice”
WHERE: From The Land Festival in Green Lake, Wisconsin
WHEN: Sat Oct 15th (10-4) and Sun 16th (10-3) 2016
WHO: Open To Public


Northern Wisconsin NORML

Northern Wisconsin NORML is having the annual “Baked Sale”. The chapter hosts an annual fund raiser in which the focus is also on our parent organization, The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.


The chapter will have a Pie By The Slice Booth at the From The Land Festival in Green Lake on October 15th and October 16th, 2016 in which 50% of the profit from the event are donated directly to National NORML.


The chapter is open to new members and board directors/field activists will be on hand with an informational booth/display featuring hemp cannabis information and products. There will also be a glass artist featured at the event.


Please visit for complete details of the festival, including other food vendors, artisans, speakers and directions to the event.


Facebook Event


On May 31st we started an official petition to get a referendum on the November ballot to legalize marijuana in the City of Milwaukee! To qualify for the November ballot we need to collect at least 27,957 *valid* signatures in 60 days. To make this work, we’re going to need your help!


For more information and continued updates, please see the Milwaukee Marijuana Legalization Petition page.



For a signature to be valid the signer (Make sure the signer meets these criteria *before* signing, please):


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must live in the City of Milwaukee (no suburbs)
  • Must have signed within 60 days prior to the submission of the petition (between May 31th and July 29th)
  • Must *not* be currently serving a felony sentence (jail/prison/probation/parole); felons who are *no longer* on probation/parole *can* sign
  • Must not have already signed (Duplicate signatures are thrown out, but the original still counts. So all signing multiple times hurts is our estimate of how many signatures we have)



The following stores have petitions available for signing:

  • Closet Classics (1000 E North Ave Milwaukee, WI 53212)
  • Atomic Glass (1813 E Locust St Milwaukee, WI 53211)

More stores to be added soon!


Do you manage a store in the City of Milwaukee and would like to collect signatures and be listed here? Contact us at



To collect signatures (“circulate the petition” in legal terms) the circulator:


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a US citizen
  • Must *not* be currently serving a felony sentence (jail/prison/probation/parole); felons who are *no longer* on probation/parole *can* collect signatures.

Basically, the rules are the same for circulating petitions and signing them, except that signers need to live in the City of Milwaukee and circulators/collectors can be any US citizen.


For more information and continued updates, please see the Milwaukee Marijuana Legalization Petition page.

Wisconsin reform organizations, working together, have worked to set up this goal.

We hope to gain your support in working towards putting up a billboard in the Waukesha/Brookfield/West Allis area, near districts of Sen Vukmir and Sen Lazich.

Medical Marijuana is supported by a majority of Wisconsin voters, but this medicine is being blocked by politicians. Patients are needlessly suffering. Your donation can make a big difference.

The primary goal is to put pressure on politicians who are against medical cannabis, and this is a very prominent spot for billboards, near two committee member districts. A secondary goal is to have residual effect on 2014 elections.

To achieve this goal, we are hoping to top $7500 through crowdfunding. We hope to run the billboard for 4-6 weeks before the November 2014 election.

We hope you will donate to this campaign.

The billboard will be digital, present a picture of Lazich and Vukmir with text of “Who is stopping medical cannabis in Wisconsin? Sen Lazich is… Sen Vukmir is…” It will have reference to SB363.

Your donations will be matched so donate now to double your dollars Click here to donate.

Please send questions to


Wisconsin NORML,

Madison NORML,

SE Wisconsin NORML,

N Wisconsin NORML

The Ben Masel Project

Wisconsin ASA




Wisconsin NORML

Wisconsin NORML is currently working towards a strategy that will push the Cannabis movement to where we need to be in Wisconsin, forward!  We currently have 3 local chapters; Madison NORMLNorthern WI NORML, and Southeast WI NORML if you are in these areas or interested in more information.  Please, follow the links to their sites and join a local force to help become the change we need.

We will be utilizing Wisconsin NORML once again.  Our goal is to change laws regarding Cannabis and Hemp to reflect the will of the people and also for the best interest of the future landscape of Wisconsin!

This will eventually be your source for Cannabis news, info and events in Wisconsin.  Much more to come, stay tuned…

Until then, check out our Facebook page.