We will change the law in Monona! For the price of a single marijuana possession fine in Monona with court costs ($313), we can send 920 postcards.


We’re in week 1 of collecting signatures in Monona, WI to place direct legislation on the general election ballot which will make marijuana possession law enforcement’s lowest priority. The word is spreading and we are gaining steam.


Come out to help us collect signatures, tell your friends who are in Monona or who might know someone in Monona. Win this $130 Nectar Collector if you collect the most signatures:


For every $34 donated, we can send 100 postcards.  Donate now!! Our goal is $626 (same as 2 Monona possession fines under current ordinance) in donations by June 15.  Every dollar goes to the Monona effort.


Look for the Banner every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday across from the Monona Public Library

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